Nokia X2 Mouthpiece ( microphone ) Failure - Repair Solution

Here's how to fix Nokia X2 microphone, mouthpiece failure or problem issues, this is a repair hints or solutions to solve a faulty mouthpiece or microphone. This kind  of problem lies on the phone's microphone like when the other person you're calling can't hear your voice.

Now, this mobile phone repair guide may only useful if after checking up  or replacing microphone (mouthpiece)  on Nokia X2 but the problem still remain, no voice audio can be heard.
The repair guide solution below show, the component or parts where the mouthpiece (mic) audio data feeds through the inner parts of the circuit on Nokia X2 PCB board layouts. As mobile phone technicians called it a MIC ways or MIC line paths.

Here's the values of each components for easy test and check up procedures,

You may check and replace those particular SMD components indicated on the repair guide picture above if found faulty or damaged.


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