HTC 7 Trophy Hard Reset - Wipe and Restore to Factory Default Settings Instructions

This is a step by step instruction on how to hard reset (factory reset) the HTC 7 Trophy and then restore it back to its original factory default settings.
 Warning: Performing a Factory reset  will permanently delete all your data and customized settings, and it will also remove all applications  you’ve downloaded and installed on the device. Make sure to have a back up copy of any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset.

Performing a factory reset through Menu settings - basic method

   1. From the home screen, swipe left to expose your app list
   2. Select Settings
   3. Scroll down and select about
   4. Select Reset your phone
   5. Select yes to confirm, then select yes to confirm again

If having problem how to turn on the phone or access the phone settings, or it become frozen or  unresponsive you can still perform a factory reset by using the buttons of the phone.

Here's how to hard reset your HTC 7 Trophy via button combination.

   1. Shut down the phone or turned it off, or remove the battery and then reinsert it back again.
press and hold the VOLUME UP and DOWN buttons, and then briefly press the POWER button.
   2. Wait for  the instructions to show on the screen on how to do the factory reset, and then release the VOLUME UP and DOWN buttons.
   3. Follow the instructions onscreen how to factory reset your phone.

Then your HTC 7 Pro will  then reboot and you'll be left with a factory fresh phone. All the application previously installed already deleted.


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