Samsung Behold II Hard Reset - restore to factory default settings

Samsung Behold II t939 Android Phone (T-Mobile)If you want to return the Samsung Behold II   to its factory default settings again. Here's, the step by step instructions how to hard reset the Samsung Behold II.

NOTE: All data will be deleted from the Samsung Behold II  as a result of this procedure. However, this process will NOT delete all data stored on the microSD memory card. Please back up all of your personal data first before proceeding.

Try this first:

   1. From the main home screen, tap Quick List
   2. Tap Settings, then Reset settings
   3. Tap Master reset
   4. Enter your password, then tap Yes to confirm

 Or if your phone is frozen and the above doesn't work,

1. Turn the power off. If your Samsung Behold II is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
   2. Hold the Volume Down, Send and End buttons (in that order)
   3. When a graphic appears on the display, press the Menu key to begin the reset

 all data including third-party applications will be deleted from the Samsung Behold II.  The phone will then reboot to its factory default state.


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