Solving Camera Flash/Torch LED failure on Nokia 5800

A camera flash LED is high power super bright LED and it is driven by a high power compact Flash/Torch LED driver IC. This LED driver chip controls the LED current and improve flash brightness and picture quality in dimly lit environments.
Flash LED failed due to overload, short and open circuits, wet damaged, accidentally dropped and any other means of related causes.
Nokia 5800 xpressmusic camera flash light ways
Fixing the camera Flash LED failure is quite not too difficult on Nokia 5800 , its because the flash LED components were all mounted and located in an isolated part of the main PCB board.

Hints for repair:
* check the smd fuse and coils continuity. these is where the supply voltage feeds across from the cell
      phone's battery.
* Remove the Flash/Torch LED driver IC, trace each of terminals connection to a corresponding  
     component  parts.
* Replace the Flash/Torch LED driver IC.

Here's the datasheet of Camera Flash LED driver IC for a deeper knowledge of how this IC component works.


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