How to Identify Power Switch , Mouthpiece, Earpiece and Ringtones Speakers User Interface Symbols and Layout

Identifying User Interfaces Components such as Power Switch, Microphone, Earpiece and Ring-tone speakers and Layouts On Schematic Diagram

User Interface Components are those components
such as power switch, keypads,vibrator , a micro phone such as mouthpiece, speakers like earpiece and ring tones speaker. These components are also important to familiarized with , for these are commonly prone to be easily got damaged. when it comes to hardware troubleshooting, in Nokia service manual or Schematic diagram it is  marked for easy guides while some other various mobile phone products was not.
In the symbols below the power switch labeled as power key, and also likewise the keypad component symbols that is a circle with two pointing lines insides labeled as keyboard.


In mobile phones there is one microphone and two micro speakers being used; First is the microphone that receive   the voice to transmit,
 the two micro speakers are examples on the picture below,

the first one is for the hearing which is called the earpiece, that is the one that send the voice to hear, the second one is for the ring-tones speaker, it is  that send the tones and tell that someone is calling or sending a message. Familiarizing the uses and works of these three micro speakers on a circuit is a big help for troubleshooting.


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