All japanese phones!!! AT command unlock

Just discovered a way to stabilize the hypersim with any simcard at least with SH01B.
Need some testers to try this out.
My SH-01B works fine (without any CPR and Off/On) for 4 days. Accu works as long as before.

So, what you need to do the procedure:

- SH01B (can try any SH and other)
- Simcard (any)
- Hypersim (i-Smartphone 2009 tested)
- USBcable
- Software (dunno if it restricted in your countries, but here in Russia it's free to download )

So, let's go!

1. Install your modem driver onto the PC. Connect your keitai to the PC using “Communication Mode”. Your cellphone must be defined as the modem device in your PC’s Control Panel Modem section.
2. XP users launch Hypertherminal (Menu_Accessories_Connection (sorry if I translated it wrong)). Vista and "7" users download Teraterm (TERATERM J-phone) and then select Serial port with your keitai modem port.
3. XP USERS ONLY: When “New connection” appears, push Cancel and then Enter. Keitai modem must be as default modem. PC will connect your phone.
There must be “Autosearch” (autoselect/autochoice) and “460800 8-N-1”.
4. Type ATE1 command and push Enter. OK appears.
5. Type AT+COPS?. Then +COPS:0,2,"52F010" (diff. simcards show diff MCC+MNC ("52F010") results) must appear. Copy all this text.
6. Type AT+COPS=1,2,"52F010" and push Enter. This operation makes your cellphone connect only your carrier.
7. Now we need to save our changes. Type AT&W command and push Enter. OK appears. Changes saved.
Now test your signal visiting the places where the signal disappears (subways, fields etc).

As I understand success depends on the hypersim card type. At least I did it with my i-smart 2009 red version. Hope it work with others.

Took from

Tell if one's OK. Will keep on workin on it.


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