Familarization: Components and Parts on Samsung Mobile Phone Handsets

 Here is an example of Samsung teardown again courtesy from phonewreck.
Samsung Omnia Teardown

This device is well built. As such, it was a little bit tricky to take apart. Thankfully, all shielding was clip in and the device’s brains were easily revealed.
Notably, this device runs on the Qualcomm 6800A and Marvell PXA312. These devices are connected via a Cypress Dual-Port bridge and have separate Power Management Devices. Note that this PCB is impressively packed and impressively small! Another thing to point out is the presence of an SMSC USB PHY. We’ve seen these devices on a variety phones we’ve ripped apart.
Bluetooth goes to CSR and Wi-Fi to Marvell. The GPS win goes to Avago. Note the massive quintplexer!
The one thing we knew the phone had but couldn’t find was the 8GB internal memory. Where could it be? We eventually found it hiding underneath the shield covering the processor side of the PCB – very sneaky!
So there you have it! We hope this teardown helps you decide which device you want to buy! Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!
If you have any questions or comments, don’t be afraid to fire us an e-mail @ phonewreck@gmail.com, make sure and check out the wiki entry for more data!


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