Can I earn without any having complete tools yet in mobile phone repair?

I just want to post this simple answers here of some new learners that keep asking me, on how to start earning from repair without any having complete repair tools yet at all.
Some beginners might think that fixing a defective phone might as well as too difficult to deal with.
So this is just a quick and simple answer for the above question.

Well, all I can say is that you can start from the scratch, there are so  many mobile phone technicians started from nothing and turned into something, I've been also started from scratch, way back 9 years ago, I repaired cell phones before that only an opening tools like T6 screwdriver and a tweezer on my working table.

Mission Repair

In cell phone repair, there are two types of failure to handle with;
The software and the hardware related problem or failure issues.
Its not been a bit easy to determine which type of failure to deal with a faulty mobile phone indication, that is why many expert uses the method of checking its firmware first before considering that the problem lies on the hardware parts.
this method is by way of reading the mobile phones firmware by a way of using flashing or unlocking tools, then in by this method they can read the logs. This logs is firmware that composed of many codes, the logs can help to determine which part or components causes the problem.

Some software problem related failure issues are of such the following indications, but also the failure lies on the hardware parts in mobile phone devices, like hang up on logo only, often restarted, contact service, contact retailer, contact service provider etc, unable to power up, or dead phone due to its firmware interruption and a lot more which can only explained by after check up process.

For a beginners, these are the things you can do repair as a good way to start.
Well, you can do repair by replacing broken LCD's, replacing a broken power ON/OFF switch, you can do repair minor problems such us ringer problem, not charging, mouthpiece microphone, earpiece speaker problems and more problems that is not necessarily needs a deep troubleshooting procedure.
You can do that as well as it doesn't need any software tools to handle with.
All you need is replacement spare parts, a guide on how to dismantle the handset and or a service manuals.

What about flashing and unlocking?
Flashing and unlocking is not hard and too difficult to deal with, it is because when you purchase a flashing or unlocking tools, the sellers or the resellers will provide a support for their product via online. I have a little bit guide on this blog but not too much, due to some blogging restrictions.
The sellers  will update and inform you from time to time which and what mobile phone handsets is newly supported and will work with.You can visit this forum for where they all hanged out.
The techniques in flashing and unlocking is that you have to be familiar with the software tools and also by reading of the logs and codes.


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