Digi Mic Knopfler on Nokia Cellphone Hardware's Circuit

Digi Mic knopfler stands for Digital Microphone Knopfler, Knopfler is a brand name of a popular recording equipments like in microphones, guitars and more. A digi mic knopfler is the latest types of microphone that being used on nokia hardware components, It's a kind of tiny microphone that feeds audio data signal digitally, unlike the most common types which only feeds analog audio signals.

Here's a brief Explanation on How this circuits works for future references.
The picture below is a circuit of Nokia Audio signals from the Audio Codec Circuit( Power IC, Vilma,Avilmas,Retu) feeds to an Application Processor(CPU,Rapidoyawe,Rap3gs,etc.)
The Audio Codec Feeds back the following audio datas and signals:
*AudClk - Audio Clock
*Micdata -Microphone Data
*EarDaL -Earphone Data left channel
*EarDaR -Earphone Data Right channel
*PMARP -  Radio Audio Data Positive
*PMARN - Radio Audio Data Negative
Unlike other nokia cellphone handsets like, 5800 XpressMusic, E65, 6220c and more,. used a Digi Mic Knopfler ( like ie..MAB-03A-T-D),.. In between those line paths from the picture above were the digi mic knopfler is being connected. see pics below:
 From the Audio Codec IC the Audio Clock Signal  is being connected to the digi mic knopfler to generate another digital audio mic data.
In this process a good and high quality audio data signal is being produce, rather than a typical cellphone's microphone or mouthpiece.
Tutorials on how to test digi mic knopfler MAB-03A-T-D, I will add later.


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