HTC HD2 Soft Reset and Hard Reset Instruction Guide

Sometimes things can go wrong on your HTC HD2 and you may need to perform a hard reset or also known as factory reset.
If your HTC HD2 is frozen and a soft reset doesn't work, this guide will help how to restore your handset to its factory settings with a soft reset or hard reset.

If your HTC HD2 has frozen, or you just want to clear all of your personal details from the device, you'll need to perform a hard reset.

Please note: You will lose any saves data on your device, so be advice to try a soft reset first.

There are two ways you can perform a hard reset on your HTC HD2. The first is best if your phone is still operational. If it has crashed and you can't get a response from it, you're better to try option two.

Performing a factory reset through the settings menu

1. On the Home screen's Settings tab, select Menu - All Settings - System - Clear Storage
2. Enter 1234 and tap Yes to confirm

Performing a factory reset using the phone's buttons

1. If your phone has crashed and won't respond, you'll have to perform a battery pull to power the phone off. Simply take off the back cover and remove the battery. Otherwise, just turn your HTC HD2 off using the power button.
2. With your phone powered off, press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons
3. While holding the volume buttons, press the power button and then release it
4. When you see a warning message on screen, release the volume up and volume down buttons
5. Press the volume up button to perform the reset when prompted, or press any other button to cancel the reset.


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