steps to remove samsung I780 Security (Phone) Code Locked

If you have in hand a samsung i780 security (phone) code locked, but the problem is that you cannot hard reset from setting menu because you  cannot enter its main menu at all, because of phone code blocking through it.
How to remove phone code on samsung I780? hard reset will not work.Here's the solution for that, All you need to do is to flash the phone to its original language ROM, but make sure that you recognize its original language ROM, but you can upload any ROM you want, it doesn't matter which rom or what version.
Bricking the device is possible (rare but possible) but it's the only chance you have to remove that code. You can easily find language ROM on the internet by searching.

Now here's the  flashing guide  for Samsung SGH-i780

PDF File:

Files Needed:
1. Samsung USB Driver:

2. Russian ROMS:

3. E1 English PDA ROM:

4. Mirage Updater:

Tried and tested best result by flashing it using Windows XP OS.


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