Mobile Phones Problems and Failure with a damaged flex cable

Almost all equipments with LCD displays utilize flat flexible cable to connect the display to the main circuit board.These flat cable ribbon allows extreme space savings and provides the needed flexible cable connection for devices with movable parts such as LCD displays, clamshell phones, slide cellular phones and other gadgets.  Ribbon cable assemblies comes with many  forms and varies according to the mobile phones designs.

Clampshell, Fold, Flip, Slide designs of mobile phones used a flat ribbon cables  to connect the two separated parts of the phone's assembly.
In most designs like the LCD, camera, earpiece speaker, keypads, ON/OFF power switch and other parts are being connected with flat cable connector from the main PCB board.
Each of those components or parts shared each individual lines paths on the ribbon cable assemblies.
Now, if the flex cable is being damaged it will result and varies to the following failures:

If the LCD's line paths is damaged or cut will results
* No LCD Screen Display
* White Screen, some mobile phone users called it white screen of death (WSOD)
*Black Screen, result to LCD's LED back light failure
*Garbled or Distorted Display, Reversed Display

If the ON/OFF power switch line paths is damaged or cut will result to; unable to power up the phone.

If the Camera line paths is damaged or cut, the camera will not work or causes a failure.

And so on if the earpiece line paths is cut off, no audio sound can be recieve or hear,
and also  if the keypads line paths being cut or damaged the keypads won't work or results to keypad malfunction.

In repairing mobile phones  this is very helpful on how to easily determine on how or of which spare parts will come to check first before proceeding to other test and check up methods.
 All you need to do is to determine or identify the mobile phones assembly of components that correspond with the flex cable connections.  In most cases flex cable have highly risk of being easily damaged on clampshell and slide phones.
A damaged Flex cable can be easily determine visually and some others will not, there are flex cables that are shaded and coated with black adhesive.

Repair Tips: Make sure to have as much or more replacement flex cable stock on your shop to a certain mobile phones that are mostly used in your areas,  for quick and easy test and  check up procedures. All you need to do is just replace the suspected damaged flex with a good and working or a new one.


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