Nokia 5730 Power ON/OFF Switch Line Paths - Check up and Test Spots

The power ON/OFF switch is located at the Flex cable assembly, the positive switching signal is connected down to pin number 9 of the pin connector, then feeds through a tiny chips just located at the top of the PCB board's layout before its feeds to the inner terminal number D9 of the power management IC (power IC)

Unlike most  Nokia handset designed the 5730 Xpressmusic have power ON /OFF interface chips that is being added to it before going it through to the power management IC. This tiny chips is composed of 8 balls terminals and the two terminals is which designated for the power ON/OFF lines.

In my analysis is that the chips is design to switch the status of the device between  charging mode and normal operation mode, I am not so sure of how this designed works, I will try to find out more how this chips works.


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