Nokia N97, N97 mini Soft / Hard Reset - Instruction Guides

Here's the Instruction Guide on How to soft / hard reset Nokia N97 smartphones. This Procedures also works on S60 5th editon versions like the Nokia N97 mini.

Please Note: The result of this process will wipes the entire phone memory and settings fresh to how it was (or should be) when you bought it.You are advise to make a back up of your device and you need to understand that what you are doing this is at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any type of loss that may occur during the reset process.

For Soft Reset;
- back to factory settings: This should maintain your data (contacts/messages/calendar/notes etc), just returning your N97 back to all previous settings
From menu:
Settings> Phone>Phone Management>Factory Settings

Restore Factory Settings
Dial *7780# to restore all the settings to default. It will request for security PIN, the default code will be 12345.
Reformat Phone System
Dial *7370# to reset Nokia device, only data in System will be affected. To play safe, back up all your data before proceed. It will request for security PIN, the default code will be 12345.

For Hard Reset:
This also restore your Nokia when it frezzes at the nokia screen logo only and didnt go any further.
hard reset is an options but will result to loosing all settings, contacts, data etc…

Turn your phone off and simultaneously press these four buttons circled in red.
  • Caps shift
  • Space bar
  • Delete button
  • On button
 Wait for the handshake/Nokia logo appears.

You’ll know if it’s worked when you see the initial set up screen, asking country of origin.


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