nokia x2 camera hardware failure repair guide

Here's another mobile phone repair guide to fix Nokia X2 camera hardware failure problem issues. Camera hardware failure may only happens if the device is accidentally heavily drop, damaged by a liquid or wet damaged and other any accidental causes.
This cellphone repair tutorial only covers if the camera module has been already replaced or properly checked and tested but the problem still unsolved.

This repair guide covers the line paths and components connected within the camera circuit. Some mobile phone technicians called this the "camera ways" which  means the camera connector's tracing line path guide.
Here's the picture repair guide, just follow the tracing and testing spots indicated on the repair guide picture below,

Repair hints: Check first the two voltage supplied line paths before tracing the other lines.  The supply voltage line is at pin 2 and pin 10 on camera module connector. Each voltage line have filter coils on it, this coils may first suffer the damaged especially on wet damaged handsets. The voltage amount is labeled on on the picture which is the VCAM (camera voltage) 1.8 and 2.8 volts DC (direct current) that being feeds from the power management IC.


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