HTC Ozone Hard Reset, wipe and restore to factory settings procedures

Here's a procedure on how to reset HTC Ozone to factory default settings.
Note: Resetting your phone will remove all the data stored on the phones memory and restore the phone back to the original factory default settings. Because all your data will be deleted, it is recommended that you back up your data first before continuing this process.

If your HTC Ozone is frozen, full the battery out and wait a couple of seconds then reinsert back again.

Two ways to hard reset your HTC ozone.

Wipe all data from the HTC Ozone by these easy steps:

1. From the Today screen, select Start.

2. Select System Tools.

3. Select Clear Storage.

4. Select Factory Default.

5. Enter your passcode or the default is 1234 then press the left soft key to confirm Yes.

Hard Reset Procedure
If your Verizon HTC Ozone stop responding and you want to reset the phone to factory default settings, you can perform a hard reset using buttons
1. Press and hold End/Power to power the device off.   If the phone is frozen, remove and replace the battery.

2. Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down, Send and Power buttons.

3. Keep holding the buttons until you see a menu for “Wiping user data”.

4. Press Volume up.

5. Then, Press the Send.


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