HTC Arrive Hard Reset, Format Factory Settings

The HTC ARRIVE is the first Sprint smartphone powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.
Performing a hard reset may help if you want or decide to sell your HTC Arrive and buy a new device?This process will restore the phone to its original factory state default settings
your Arrive will be restored to a like-new state with all of your files and personal information cleared from memory.
htc arrive format factory reset

This is a simple instruction on how to hard reset your HTC Arrive:

   1. From the home screen, swipe left to expose your app list
   2. Tap Settings
   3. Scroll down and tap about
   4. Tap reset your phone
   5. Tap yes to confirm, then tap yes to confirm again

Once the reset process completes, It will then reboot and you'll be left with a factory fresh phone.


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