Nokia N8 Format, Hard Reset to Factory Settings Procedures

This a simple instruction on how to factory reset the Nokia N8 and restores the phone to its original factory default settings.

Factory reset through Menu Settings, this is only a soft reset and it restores all data to factory default.

    1. From Main Menu go to Settings
    2. Select Phone
    3. Select Phone Management
    4. Select Factory Settings then Delete Data and Restore

Hard Reset
Note: This will delete all your applications installed and you may need to install it back again after the hard reset has been made. This is only advisable if you have a screen problem errors like, hang or frozen problems. So proceed with precautions.

This is how to hard reset the Nokia N8 through button combination:

    * Turn off the phone.
    * Press and hold the following Button keys:
          o Volume Down button
          o Camera button
          o Menu button
Press the Power button until the phone vibrates....

Once the process completes, the Nokia N8 will then reboot, any installed data or 3rd-party applications already wipe out. You may need to re-install it back again.


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