Original Bada OS firmwares for Samsung phones by TSAR3000

 These are Original fimware for Samsung smartphones that runs in BADA OS platforms, compiled by Tsar3000. This can be used to upgrade/downgrade or restore back the firmware to a specified Samsung phone, this is also useful in case the phone's firmware already damaged and getting any function issues on Samsung Phone like: freezing, hang or stuck on Samsung logo, boot-looping, unable to power turn On or power up and other problems related to firmware issues.

S5250 Wave 2

S5250_XXJK1 - S5250XXJK2-OXA - S5250XXJL6-OXA - S5250XXKB2-OXA


S5330 Wave533

S5330 XXJJ1 - S5330XXJL6-OXAJL1 - S5330XXKB1 - S5330BWKB2


S7230E Wave 723

S7230E_XXJJ1-OXAJI8 - S7230E_XXJJ2-OXA - S7230E_JPJK2 - S7230E_XXJK4 - S7230E_XXJJ4-OXAJJ3 - S7230E_XEJJ6 - S7230EXXKA1-OXAJJ3 - S7230EBWKB2 - S7230EBUKB1






S8500 Wave

S8500XXJF8_CSC_OXAJF6 - S8500BWJH1_CSC_VIAJH1_O2 - S8500 XXJH3 - S8500XXJID-OXA - S8500XXJK1 - S8500XEJL2 - S8500XXJL2 - S8500XEKA1


S8530 Wave II

S8530XEJK6 - S8530JPJL1 - S8530XXJK9-OXAJK7 - S8530XEJL2 - S8530XEJL4 - S8530XXJL1 - S8530BUKA2

You may find most updated firmware and flashing procedures  at tsar3000 website: http://www.tsar3000.com/


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