Cruiser User's Manual and Tutorials Guides

Video tutorials using cruiser Box
Some Useful guides and video tutorial for Cruiser users.

CID36 DB2010 Phones:
Full Repair CID36 Procedure Guides

CID49 DB2010 Phones:
Repair GDFS Procedure Guide
Repair Damage IMEI

CID51 DB2020 Phones:
Unlock Procedure Guides
Full Flash Procedure Guides

DB2012 CID50 -Unlocking Tutorial Video

DB2020 CID49 -Unlocking Tutorial Video

DB2020 CID52 -Unlocking Tutorial Video

Cruiser Video Tutorial in one executable software created by del_fanfan

This one covers the following tutorials
*Repair GDFS
*Full Flashing
*Fuul Repair CID36
* and more
Cruiser Video Tutorial Download


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