Cyclone Box Set up and Installation Guides

 This is a step a step by step procedure on how to set up and install Cyclone Box.

1. Download final installer from: or and Install it. While installing agree to install box drivers, etc.

2. Download last Cyclone.exe from : or and copy it in the main Cyclonebox folder

3. Connect box to PC. PC should detect new device - "Cyclone Bootloader". Simply do automatic driver installation, till installer installed them in Win32 INF already.

4. Run Start -> Programs -> Cyclone Box -> Cyclone Box

At bottom, you should see "Connected [Bootloader Mode]". That means your box was detected by software, and you can proceed with box registration - needed step to activate your box.

5. Run Box Registration Wizard, click Prepare Box.

Select your reseller from list, and fill all needed data.

If you see "Box registration status: Registered OK" that means all passed ok. You can proceed with box activation.

6. Run Box Maintenance Wizard, and click Maintenance box. In 1-2 minutes your box will be initialized.

**** VERY IMPORTANT : During box upgrade, please DON'T disconnect your box, even if software may act as hang ! We use ciphering on few layers during upgrade, and if you have slower PC, decrypting RSA and other ciphers, may take quite more time !! And then, if you disconnect your box, it will not be upgraded. It is no problem, because it will not be damaged, but You will lose YOUR time and OURS time, asking for next update credit !!

7. Your box is registered and activated. Now your security card needs be initialized. To initialize security card, box needs be activated! Run Security Card Manager. Read your card, and click Fill Credits. Box should change its mode to Cyclone Box and Windows should install new drivers again (same steps as for Bootloader). On bottom of screen you should see "Connected [Main Mode]".

How to activate Super DCT4 in my box?
It is very simple. Go to "Credits" module (same as you are using for calculating ASK/RPL), and click big "Activate SUPER DCT4" button. In seconds you should see similar message:
Started Super DCT4 Activation at 03:45:20
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box]
Service Tag: 4F67674F5428157448CEACEB547BC575
Cyclone Server (, Cyclone Box Team 2008, 2009 - Ready.

Super DCT4 Activated Successfully! Credits Left: 950
Please, replug your box from USB now, and use Maintenance Function to upgrade it again.
After next upgrade, box will be activated for Super DCT4 Functions!
As message says, replug your box and re-upgrade it again. After re-upgrade your box is SUPER-DCT4-READY

8. All is done. You can run DCT4/WD2/BB5 tool and check if necessary selftests will be passsed, so you can enjoy using your Cyclone Box One note: security card having 1000 credits at initialization. Each card operation tooks those credits, so after some time you need to reinitialize card (when counter reachs 0). This operation is of course free and realtime, using server.

Nokia DCT4/WD2/BB5 Service Tool Initialization Started, Engine Revision:
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box]
Initializing box...
Box Firmware: Cyclone Nokia Application v01.30, (Apr 5 2010 02:12:53, gcc v4.3.2, RTOS V6.0.1), Type: Signed Production Application, (C) KarwosSoft 2010 wk13
Box Serial Number: C0000005
HW Revision: A, Suitable for: Production, Case: First Plastic Case, MCU Manufacture Time: 2008, wk32
Initializing security card...
Card Serial Number: D0000001
Card Firmware Revision: 0108
Card is activated
Box is activated
Started box selftests procedure
USB Voltage 4,99v PASSED
MCU Voltage 3,30v PASSED
Core Voltage 1,79v PASSED
VBAT Voltage 0,01v PASSED
VBAT Voltage 4,73v PASSED
Box VPP disabled
VPP Voltage 0,02v PASSED
Internal Box VPP Enabled
VPP Voltage 4,88v PASSED
Box VPP disabled
VPP Voltage 0,00v PASSED
External Box VPP Enabled
VPP Voltage 0,04v FAILED - IGNORED - Probably power supply is not connected
Box VPP disabled
All box selftests passed!
Super DCT4 Activation: TRUE
Initializing FBUS...
All initialized - Ready to work 

Remember to check the Version of the software and the firmware of your Cyclone box
Enjoy your box!


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