Nokia X2 Insert Sim Card Solution - Complete Hardware Repair Procedure

Here's a complete step by step cell phone repair tutorial on how to fix Nokia X2 mobile phone insert sim card problem or hardware failure issues. Before proceeding this process make sure to completely check the Sim card connector pins connections, make sure if it is free out from dust, molds, corrosion or any foreign objects.

The picture guide below shows the components ( highlighted square pink color ) where the line paths of the sim card connector goes through. You can check on each value or replace them if found  faulty.
Now, the  X2 uses the EMI Filter to protect from  risk of EMI and ESD interference.

Here's the full path of each components on how to test and diagnose the Insert SIM card failure on Nokia X2. The EMI filter  input and output line paths can be check like the repair guide picture below.
Before replacing or removing the EMI Filter make sure to check first the power supply voltage that feeds to the SIM connector Pin 1. Check the line paths in between those lines from C2215 to R2311 and to sim card connector pin 1.

If the line paths is okay, you may now then proceed to replace the EMI Filter IC. If this solution may not solve the problem, you may send me a message on a shout box page on this blog.


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