Nokia X2 LCD Screen Display Failure - Repair Solution

Here's how to repair the Nokia X2 LCD screen display failure problem. This cell phone repair tutorial may help if the screen display is blank, white screen, garbled or you already change the LCD  panel but the problem still exists. The picture guide repair solution below shows the component parts where the LCD data signal feeds from the mobile phone application processor to the LCD circuit.
It uses two EMI Filter chips (crystal IC) to protect the circuit from risk of electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge. The two chips have similar internal circuit designed with each other.
By replacing  one of them either the upper or lower EMI Filter chip or both, preferably may solve the problem. You can also check the EMI filter IC with a guide I included on the picture, it has seven input an output line paths.
Do also  check the LCD supply voltage, It needs two supply voltage to make it work, the two highlighted components near the LCD connector are the value of each voltages, if this  two voltages may not present may also result to display problem issues.


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