Nokia X2 Keypad Failure, Malfunction - Repair Solution Guide

Here's a complete cell phone repair tutorial on how to diagnose, repair the Nokia X2 keypad failure, malfunction problem issues, this repair solution guide covers each on every keypad's keys line paths ways for easy troubleshooting keypad failures. I preferred this kind of  repair picture guide, so that the beginners can catch up also with this kind of mobile phone repair solution method.
As keypads went wrong or stop malfunctioning by way of wet damaged or any accidental behavior, this solution may also help to solve the problem.

In Nokia X2 the keypad circuit uses an EMI filter to protect the application processor and other components from electromagnetic interference and Electrostatic discharge.
The said IC chips is more prone to be damaged first if the EMI and ESD occurs, for this IC works like fuse, it cuts out the high voltage or current before going through the inner and the very important component parts.
This is also what happen if the keypad circuit is  been exposed or accidentally the EMI -ESD occurs in a blink of an eye.

The repair picture guide below is the layout of the components and parts of which where the keypad line paths data is being connected and distributed  to each keypad keys. Those line paths and components part that are being highlighted is where the repair procedure may goes through or begin with.

I have line up each Keypads Rows and Columns for an easy tracking and tracing, if something wrong with that particular key. So just try to trace each paths for your troubleshooting procedures.


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