Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Display Problem (NO Display) Repair Solution

Here's how to repair Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Display problems.
This solution may help to fix the follwing Display problem related issues on Nokia 5730 like,

Garbled display
Saturated display
Distorted display
White screen display (white screen of death -WSOD)
Blue screen display
Blank or black screen (No display)

Troubleshooting this kind of problem seems to be easy, you can start by checking first the LCD pin connector if it is free from dust, dirt or corrosion. A corroded pin connector also interrupts the display data signal that is being feed to the LCD screen display. Then check all resistors just located right top of the PCB board layout. These resistors valued  33 Ohms each of it.

nokia 5310 display problem repair solution

If found busted or damaged you can temporarily short the resistor's terminal by applying a little bit solder on it, before replacing a new one, in this manner you can easily identify if the line path of that particular resistor is okay, then assemble back the LCD and power on the handset, and check if the display is seems to be working fine. If its already working good, then remove the solder on the resistor and replace a new one with the same value. Do Not leave it shorted or it may end up other and much more harder to fix problem.
nokia 5310 LCD display ways

You can also do check the line paths of each particular resistor way through to the LCD pin connector (B to B connector). Each line colors correspond to  the location or the number of the pin which is connected to a particular resistor. You may check if that line is okay. (multi-meter continuity check), Then apply a tiniest magnetic wire jumper if found a line that is being cut or open.


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