A Cellphone Repair Technician's Tips: Things to do before fixing a damaged cellphones

If you are in cellphone repair it is important that you should also know or learn how to identify and knows exactly what things you are going to undertake before you are going to engage into troubleshooting the phone's problem. This tips is part of a cellphone technician standard operating procedure which is very useful in cellphone repair business.

These are just only some brief explanation and hope you can acquire a little bit understanding.

1. Get an information of the phone's history before the problem took place or occurred.
If you would like to fix phone's you must see to it and knows exactly what happened to the device before the problem exists. Do not disassemble the device yet. These are some factors going to take place.
- Ask the costumer or user when was the last time the problem took place or occurred.
Is the phone's was heavily dropped, does it occurred because of wet damaged, dropped into toilet bowl or any liquid. Does the problem just suddenly exist while he was using it or not even touching it. In this situation you can get a quicker idea of what to do next.

2. Identify the mobile phone's status, and know which part of the phone the problem may possibly lies at.
Do a visual check of the phone's status, so that you can get a brief idea of which part of the phone where the problem lies at. In fixing phones there are two stages where we can get the phone fix, the hardware part and software part. Is the phone is dead, does the LCD is damaged or cracked, does it still turns ON but no display or audio speaker or microphone, network signals, etc.

How to know and determine the problem if it's in software or hardware part?
In this stage you must know the most basic symptoms of mobile phones status in engaging into repair. This lists are incomplete are just the most common issues, because other problems were just unusual to happen.

Common problems that are usually cause by a hardware failure:
a) Display problem - a broken or cracked LCD screens, the device can still turns on and hears tones on it, the phone can still receive text or call but shows no display or just an empty screen. .
b) Audio problems - earpiece speaker and microphone problem No alert tone and ringtones can be heard.
c) Keypad Malfunction - there are some keys not working and sometimes all of them.
d) Insert SIM card and memory cards error problem - sim card and memory card are not detected.

Common problem that are usually cause by a software or phone's system firmware failure:
a) Auto shut-off - the phone keep on restarting, auto-reboot or automatically turns off.
b) Hang or stuck on logo only - the phone suddenly stop responding while using it or opening any application.

Common problem were either hardware or software failure:
These problems needs to undergo a software calibration first before going into hardware troubleshooting and were both sometimes cause by a software and hardware failure related issues.

a) Dead set or no Power - in this status you can not easily see to it that the problem lies on the hardware or software part
b) White screen display - just show white screen and no tone and indication that the phone is still active.
The first part in this status is you will need to do a software calibaration first and  then some times needs a hardware repair.
c) No network signal - No signal receptions, this may also cause by a software and hardware related issues.
d) Camera problem - Camera failures and error problems.
e) Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio problem - connection and interception problem.

3) Make a careful check up if the phone is still fixable or not.
Take your time a little while and carefully check the whole assembly of the phone if it's still okay to undergo into repair. Observe the phones PCB board if is not severely damaged like already bended or shows a sever cracks which you will find it impossible for you to fix.

4) Engaged a business to your costumer about your service fee regarding for fix.
Estimate all the possible costs with the parts that needs to replace or your service fee and then do a humble explanation to your costumer regarding the phones problem and the things you are going to do with it. You must tell him how much costs does it may needed and how much time it consumed before it done. Do avoid overpricing and or price dumping due to other cell phone repair shop competition. Focus on the quality of your service, in this way you will gain and get the costumers trust and make your cellphone business improved.

So, that's it for now just let me know if i missed up something and needs to be included in this article. Happy fixing guys!


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