Samsung Moment SPH-M900 Hard Reset - procedure

 Samsung Moment SPH-M900 Hard Reset, restore to factory default settings procedures.

Note: Please make sure to do a back up of your data stored on your Samsung Moment, this process will delete all data stored on your device.
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To Restore to factory settings

   1. From the application menu, Select Settings
   2. select SD Card & Phone Storage
   3. Select Factory data reset
   4. Select Reset phone
   5. Enter your password if required, then Select Yes to confirm

To do Hard reset  if your phone is frozen:

   1. Turn the power off. If your Samsung Moment is frozen, pull the battery out and put it back again
   2. Hold the Volume Down button, Call and End until "Samsung" appears on the screen along with a menu
   3. Select Master reset device
   4. When the phone is done erasing, choose the option to reboot

Once the Samsung Moment reboot it returns back to factory-fresh default state settings.


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